Ep 150 – Enduring Vulnerabilities

Zach is loving Marriage Therapy Radio. Laura cashed in on Gamestop. They go on to discuss how the vulnerabilities that get triggered in our relationships can be understood and navigated. 

Ep 149 – 10 Rules of Good Communication

Laura is prepping for some glamping. Zach hired an actor to play himself.

They go on to discuss Dan Wile’s 10 Rules of Good Communication from his book After the Honeymoon: How Conflict Can Improve your Relationship.

  • Communication Rule 1. Make “I” Statements not “You” Statements.
  • Communication Rule 2: Don’t Say “Always” or “Never”
  • Communication Rule 3: Don’t interrupt your partner
  • Communication Rule 4: Paraphrase what your partner just said
  • Communication Rule 5: Don’t Mind-Read
  • Communication Rule 6: Stick to One Complaint
  • Communication Rule 7: Don’t Dig Up Old Grievances
  • Communication Rule 8: Don’t Get Sidetracked Arguing Over Irrelevant Details
  • Communication Rule 9: Don’t Label, Name-Call, Use Sarcasm, or Threaten to End the Relationship
  • Communication Rule 10: Don’t Dump Out Stored-Up Complaints

Ep 148 – Anxiety and Depression

Zach details his Peleton “buying” experience. Laura is looking forward to a Spring Break RV trip. They go on to discuss how to deal with anxiety and depression as it comes up in your self and your partner. 

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Ep 147 – Making it Through the Flooding

Zach really wanted to sleep in, but Laura wants to get everything done early. Zach just celebrated 27 years of watching The American President, and they both are feeling a bit hungry. They go on to discuss how to manage yourself and your relationship when you get flooded.   

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Ep 146 – Laura’s Favorite Things

Laura is flying solo today. She wanted to share some of her favorite things and how they have benefited her marriage. 

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Ep 145 – Navigating Different Communication Styles

Zach is almost a winner. Laura can’t sit down. They discuss how to navigate differences in how you communicate in your relationship. 

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Ep 144 – Supporting Habits and Rituals

Zach updates us on his fantasy football success and bemoans 1-star reviews. Laura is getting her health groove on. This leads to a discussion of how to support new habits and rituals in your relationship. 

Ep 143 – Add SPARK to your Marriage in 48 Hours

Zach and Laura discuss how many folks are looking for therapy these days. Laura’s practice is full, but Zach doesn’t believe in full. Zach has some fantasy football scores to settle. They go on to discuss how to put SPARK in your marriage in 48 hours. 

Ep 142 – Three Tools for an Intentional Relationship

Zach applies for a game show. Laura is opening a home gym and going BIG on Christmas. They discuss three tools that can help you create an intentional relationship. 

Ep 141 – Three Reasons Your Conversations Become Conflicts

Zach and Laura reflect on the strangeness of Thanksgiving in the midst of a pandemic. They go on to discuss Zach’s theory that knowing the What, Why, and Who when beginning a conversation can prevent you from falling into conflict. 

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