Month: October 2023

Ep 292 – Real Couple, Real Struggles, Real Triumphs

Zach is flying solo this week and is joined by real-life couple Elizabeth and Steve Andrews. They share stories of what brought them together, the struggles they have overcome, and what keeps them going after over 30 years together. Sponsor:Connect with your partner every day using Paired. Download the app at

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Ep 291 – Infidelity & Recovery with Dr. Monique Thompson

Zach and Laura sit down to discuss infidelity and recovery with Dr. Monique Thompson. Dr. Thomson offers insight and practical tips for navigating this traumatic event in any relationship. Learn more about Dr. Thompson and her offerings at At the end of the episode, she shares the secret of her famous bundt cake.

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Ep 290 – Ireland

Laura is trying to solve a persistent eye twitch.  Zach shares about his recent trip to Ireland and what he learned about life and relationships in his travels. 

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Ep 289 – Feedback

Zach quizzes Laura to see how well she knows him which leads to some discussion on expectations within your family system.  Zach uses his personal example to revisit a helpful tool for giving and receiving feedback in your relationship.  Sponsors: Visit with code MTR50 for 50% off delicious ready-to-eat meals. Visit for a free 30-day trial of…

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Ep 288 – Freedom in Divorce with Dr. Karin Luise

Zach and Laura hear from Dr. Karin Luise ( about what can happen when the changes we go through in our marriages end in divorce. Dr. Karin offers some personal stories as well as professional guidance for claiming your freedom and new path.

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