Month: September 2023

Ep 287 – Partner in Pain

Laura is hoping to celebrate Christmas in her home. Zach lost one of his defining characteristics after scrolling Instagram one evening, but then used the 2 German words he used to escape being entrapped. Laura shares a couple of stories of disappointment in international travel.  They go on to discuss how to be a good partner when you…

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Ep 286 – Just Friends

Zach and Laura had to restart the podcast because they were so scattered. Zach revisits a dad joke. Laura tells you why she travels with a vibrator. They move on to answer a lister question about how to think about and manage relationships with a viable alternative partner.  Sponsor:Visit for a free 30-day trial of…

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Ep 285 – The Sober Life with Courtney Anderson

Zach and Laura discuss getting and staying sober with Courtney Anderson. They share some personal stories as well as some tips for navigating sobriety in your relationship. Courtney is the author of Sober Vibes and offers a variety of support to women living the sober life. Sponsor: Visit with code MTR50 for 50%…

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Ep 284 – Apologizing

Zach is getting ready to head to Ireland after 3 years of planning and Laura is off to Tuscany. They talk a bit about the good things that can come from traveling with your partner. They transition to a topic Zach has on his mind: apologizing. 

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