Month: January 2024

Ep 305 – Vulnerability and Intimacy with Dr. Jessica Higgins

Zach and Laura welcome Dr. Jessica Higgins to the podcast. They discuss the importance of acknowledging and expressing emotions, modeling vulnerability, and using language that promotes curiosity and understanding in communication. They emphasize the need to slow down, bring awareness to interpretations, and create space for regulating emotions during interactions. Learn more about Dr. Higgins…

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Ep 304 – Making Sense

Zach and Laura discuss the role of Wordle in their lives. Laura had a fun conversation with her kid after he walked in on her and her husband.  In a roundabout way, this reminds Zach of a tool he’s been using in his practice to help couples make meaning of their decisions and experiences.  Sponsor: Identify…

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Ep 303 – Feeling Stuck

Zach and Laura discuss their New Year’s goals. They reflect on a kind listener’s email offering some critique. In the spirit of new beginnings, they offer a ton of insight into what to do when you are feeling stuck or you feel like your partner is keeping you stuck. Sponsor:Paired. Download the PAIRED app at

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Ep 302 – Anger Resolution with Dr. Nick Sotelo

Zach and Laura hear from Dr. Nick Sotelo about his work helping men manage their anger. Nick has a fascinating background that gives him a unique perspective on unmanaged anger. He has developed many helpful resources for men to address this in their lives. Sponsor: Visit and enter code 49MTR to get started for as low…

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Ep 301 – Happy New Year

Laura wasn’t really feeling the Christmas spirit this year.  Zach started his Christmas morning around 11. Laura accidentally stole half of a sign.  They reflect together on Christmas cards and how to be authentic but also remind each other that we are OK.  They talk a bit about broken hearts and early relationships and spend time reflecting on this…

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