Month: August 2023

Ep 283 – Sexual Information

Laura is feeling a bit of a vulnerability hangover from the last episode. But that doesn’t stop her from opening up about some ways that she is enlivening her sex life. She leads Zach in discussing various resources you can use to grow your sexual intimacy. Sponsor: Visit for a free 30 day trial…

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Ep 282 – Your Deeper Story

Zach and Laura interview Chris Bruno and Tracy Johson of ReStory about their work taking both individuals and couples into deeper work about how their past stories inform their present and future. Be sure to check out their work at and snag their free resource Thrive Dates

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Ep 281 – Feeling all the Feels

Laura is flooded with emotion and wants to figure out how not to bottle her feelings. Zach is also feeling some big feelings.  This leads them into a conversation about the importance of connecting with your feeling and increasing your understanding of how to deal with them. 

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Ep 280 – Becoming a Couples Therapist

Laura has a twitchy eye. Zach remembers his favorite movie, but more important, just finished a year-long certification.  They discuss a listener’s question about how Zach and Laura got into couples counseling as a profession. It leads to some fun personal stories about their journeys and hopefully provides some insight into the process for anyone looking to pursue…

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Ep 279 – Make Up Stories

Laura thinks she may have broken her ankle, but is maybe more bothered by her unshaven legs. Zach is courting some guests for the podcast in very creative ways.  They discuss how so much of life is a made-up story and the power you have to transform your relationship by deciding to make up some…

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