Month: November 2022

Ep 244 – The Marriage Puzzle with A.J. Jacobs

Zach is flying solo this week. He interviews author A.J. Jacobs, about his recent book The Puzzler

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Ep 243 – Spiritual Intimacy

Zach was confused by the lack of football. Laura likes the time change and had a bonkers half-marathon. They discuss hernias for a little too long but eventually transition to a great conversation about spiritual intimacy. They batt around sound ideas for developing this intimacy in your relationship in ways that aren’t necessarily tied to a specific religious…

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Ep 242 – Acrostic Toolbox

Zach and Laura talk about their old girlfriends and old dogs.  Zach brings a few acrostics that have been helpful in both his parenting and work with clients.  Sponsor: Visit Rocket Money at to find and cancel your unwanted subscriptions 

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Ep 241 – Transitions to/in Parenting with Beth Goss

After a last-minute meditation session, Zach and Laura interview parenting educator/coach Beth Goss. Sponsors:Visit and get 20% off + Free Shipping with code MTR20Visit to apply for life insurance in 10 minutes.

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Ep 240 – Empathy

Zach lost, but on a positive note, his shower wall is no longer adorned with dental floss. Laura also upped her oral hygiene game.  Zach ponders what we do when we don’t have all the information. It leads to a great discussion about empathy and understanding in your relationship. 

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