Month: April 2023

Ep 265 – Space Force, Mothers-In-Law, and Music

Zach and Laura record on the road after a long day of training at Space Force. They discuss validating your partner, stealing friends’ cars, and personalized music.  They go on to discuss a question from a listener about navigating the relationship with a mother-in-law. Sponsor: Get $20 off a custom song for someone in your life by going…

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Ep 264 – Grief | with Dr. Shannon Curry

Zach and Laura are joined by clinical and forensic psychologist Dr. Shannon Curry to discuss grief. You can find Dr. Curry at Join Zach and Laura for their workshop by visiting

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Ep 263 – 30 Soft

Laura has a system for dealing with the boxes from online orders. Zach has set a new all time record for flossing.  If you’ve heard of 75 Hard you are going to love Zach’s idea for 30 Soft. Join the fun by dropping Zach and Laura an email at

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Ep 262 – Intentional Conversations

Laura is frustrated with the continuing snow in her town but crushing her triathlon training. Zach is leveling up his style with some new clothes.  Zach brings up a topic he often wants to communicate directly to his clients, the importance of 5 distinct intentional conversations. Check out the upcoming workshops at

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