Month: July 2023

Ep 278 – After the Argument with the Freemans

Zach and Laura discuss what to do after the argument with Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman. You can read more about the Freeman’s work and their resources at

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Ep 277 – The New Work

Laura is still moving out of her house and cutting back on the scope of the remodel.  Zach asks how couples can appreciate the relational dynamics that got them to where they are today while releasing those habits to form new practices to serve their current relationship goals better. 

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Ep 276 – Testosterone with Dr, Kyle N. LaPoint

Laura brings in Dr. Kyle N. LaPoint to discuss the role of testosterone in maintaining overall health in both men and women. Dr. LaPoint is a Naturopathic Physician with a practice in Bend Oregon. You can learn more about him and his practice at

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Ep 275 – House Rules

Laura is all done up for the podcast, which doesn’t translate great in an audio format. She is also purging her house and running 30 miles. Zach, meanwhile, pulled a muscle walking a couple of miles.  They go on to discuss the importance of having a shared understanding of house rules for your relationship.

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