Month: March 2021

Ep 157 – Emotional Intelligence Part 1

Laura is exhausted after a whirlwind road trip. Zack is continuing his LEGO builds. They go on to have a great discussion on the importance of emotional intelligence and offer some great tips on how to grow it.

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Ep 156 – Dumb Dads

Zach is flying solo this week and gets to interview Kevin and Evan from The Dumb Dads Podcast, two stay-at-home dads doing the best they can. 

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Ep 155 – Mailbag

Zach is watching Stranger Things while building even stranger things. Laura got outplayed by her husband.  They pick a couple of listener letters to respond to on the podcast. Although the questions are specific to the listener, their insights can be helpful for any relationship.

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Ep 154 – Partner in Pain

Laura is flying solo today. She shares a story of how you can show up for your partner when they are in pain. 

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Ep 153 – Gratitude

Zach reflex on his trip to Mexico. It leads to a great conversation on gratitude, but probably not in the way you would think. 

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