Month: March 2022

Ep 209 – The Empty Nest / Mid-Life Episode

Laura is feeling a bit homesick for a place that is no longer her home because she longs to relax into the feeling of being known. Zach recounts, word for word, exactly how he would become best friends with Richard Sherman.    They go on to discuss the important and often difficult transition of mid-life…

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Ep 208 – Solvable Problems

Laura finished up some sex school so it hitting the road again. Zach cut off all his hair to look less like the father of his youth.    They go on to discuss the importance of finding solutions to the solvable problems in your relationship. 

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Ep 207 – The Art of Relationships with Austin Kleon

Zach and Laura sit down with writer, artist, and speaker, Austin Kleon. They discuss the intersection of art and relationship. 

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Ep 206 – State of the Union

Zach goes on a rant about Instagram that leads to some solid marriage advice. Laura is saying yes to some of her husband’s dreams. They talk about the importance of having intentional conversations about the state of your union.

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Ep 205 – Start with the End in Mind

Zach and Laura each return from vacations in Mexico with their families. They discuss their different approaches to these vacations and how knowing what you want on the outset helps set the stage for achieving what you desire. 

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