Month: June 2022

Ep 222 Your Conflict Roadmap

Zach and Laura spend a couple of minutes talking about me, their producer. They discuss how weird it is when folks they know listen to the podcast.  They go on to talk about how to be more connected after conflict by understanding your conflict map.  Sponsors: Visit and enter code MTR for 15% off…

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Ep 221 – Small Wins

Zach is feeling a bit out of breath post-workout. Laura apparently has bigger shoulders than expected. She tells the story of when she bought her really hot bike.  They reflect on their interview with Terry Real from episode 219 and go on to discuss the importance of small wins in your relationship to set yourselves…

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Ep 220 How to Be Married (to Melissa) with Dustin Nickerson

Zach sits down for an interview with Dustin and Melissa Nickerson to discuss comedy, parenting, and marriage. Be sure to grab Dustin’s latest book, How to Be Married (to Melissa), and catch him on his upcoming tour. Sponsor: Visit for 50% off your first order of pediatrician-approved superpowered chewable vitamins.

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Ep 219 – Terry Real

Zach and Laura chat with Terry Real about his life’s work and new book US: Getting Past You and Me to Build a More Loving Relationship. There are many great takeaways that can transform the way you relate with your partner. Sponsor: to apply for life insurance in 10 minutes.

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