Month: August 2022

Ep 231 – Gamify your Relationship

Zach is setting up an MTR fantasy football league. Laura continues her triathlon training.  They discuss how getting what you want out of the relationship can involve giving as much as you can.  Sponsor: Visit and use code MTR for 15% off your order. 

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Ep 230 – Forgiveness

Laura is getting a new puppy. Zach shares all of his orange knowledge.  Zach brings the topic of forgiveness. How we think about it, and how we do it.

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Ep 229 – Atomic Habits

Laura got stranded in the middle of a lake. Zach is thirsty for that sweet blue check. They discuss a book that Laura has been reading in a book club and Zach’s wife has been reading for work; Atomic Habits by James Clear. They tease out some key ways habit building can grow your relationship.  Sponsors: Visit to find…

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Ep 228 – Men Stepping Up in Community with Larry Hagner

Zach and Laura welcome Larry Hagner, founder of The Dad Edge. They discuss how men can support each other to be better husbands, fathers, and leaders.  Sponsor: Visit and enter code MTR for 15% off products for pleasure, intimacy, and connection. Visit and get 20% off + Free Shipping with code MTR20

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Ep 227 – Rock Paper Scissors

Zach and Laura call out some listeners who have responded recently. Laura is headed on ANOTHER vacation and has to coordinate kid care.  This leads them to discuss what to do when you and your partner want different things. What is the best way to navigate that difference without turning it into a conflict. 

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