Month: August 2021

Ep 179 – Types of Couples

Laura is figuring out carpooling. Zach is taking a break from exercise.  They discuss the different types of couples that come to therapy.

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Ep 178 – A.R.E. you there for your partner?

Laura helps Zach reminisce about his favorite bar that closed down a few years ago. Laura is thrilled about her sex ed.  Laura brings the topic of Emotionally Focused Therapy to discuss if you ARE there for your partner. 

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Ep 177 – Agreements

Zach is seeing his social media from a whole new perspective. Laura completed an epic backpacking trip.    They go on to discuss the importance of shared agreements in your marriage.   

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Ep 176 – Mailbag

After kicking it off with a couple of dad jokes, Zach and Laura get right into some questions from listeners. 

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Ep175 – David Wilcox

Zach and Laura have a wonderful interview with singer/songwriter David Wilcox. He shares what he has learned about life, love, and marriage through his journey of self-discovery and artistry.  This is a different format from the usual MTR episode, and well worth a listen.  Find Zach’s wife’s curated David Wilcox playlist on the MTR Instagram

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