Month: December 2023

Ep 300 – Fondness and Admiration

Zach and Laura reflect a bit on making it to 300 hundred episodes and what they hope listeners have gained along the way. Zach tells Laura how he has learned from her in the different way that she approaches thinking and talking about sharing fondness and admiration. It leads to a great conversation about how…

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Ep 299 – All the Parts

Laura is all dressed up in holiday cheer. Zach is back from a different trip to Disneyland.  Zach reflects on some of what he heard at a recent therapist conference. It leads to a wonderful discussion of the different parts of ourselves that we bring to our relationships and how we can access those parts for the improvement of…

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Ep 298 – Can of Worms Part 2

Zach and Laura get to the topic they teased last episode. It is an exercise that couples can use to safely discuss the unspoken topics in their relationship. If done well, it will lead to greater intimacy, understanding, and maybe some makeup sex 🙂 Sponsor: Paired. Download the PAIRED app at

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Ep 297 – Can of Worms Part 1

Zach and Laura’s kid kind of sing a song together. Laura discusses toilet time with your partner, leading to a great discussion about different types of intimacy. She hoped to work out an exercise she’s been doing with her clients, but she and Zach got distracted. At the end of the episode, Laura shares an…

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