Month: June 2023

Ep 274 – What about Me?

Zach shares some of what he learned about himself on his recent international trip. Laura continues to process her son’s diagnosis and recounts her own travel stories.  Zach asks Laura for advice on handling clients who keep looking to fulfill their own needs without considering the other. 

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Ep 273 – In Each Other’s Care with Stan Tatkin

Zach and Laura sit down with Stan Tatkin to discuss his work with couples and his new book In Each Other’s Care. Dr. Tatkin shares some constructive frameworks for how to think about your relationship.  Sponsor: Visit and use code MTR for 35% off site wide.

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Ep 272 – Intimacy Report Card

Laura starts us off with a song that gets Zach talking about his new musical obsession. Laura shares some significant personal news and asks for your help.  They transition to a discussion on creating a report card for the aspects of your relationship that you want to improve. This episode is chock full of tips and tricks…

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Ep 271 – Good Enough from Germany

Zach and Laura are in Germany training military chaplains and misinterpret German words. Laura gives an update on her Iron Man. Zach learns a new German phrase that prompts a conversation about what it is to have a good enough marriage. Sponsor: Visit and use code MTR for 35% off site wide.

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