Month: February 2023

Ep 257 – Is it okay to say No?

Zach has been working hard to set a new meditation streak. He and Laura chat about some of the lessons he’s learning in the process. Laura poses a question about whether or not it’s okay to say “no” to your partner. Their answers may surprise you. Sponsor: Go to and sign up for a 7-day…

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Ep 256 – Rethinking Date Night

Zach & Laura discuss ways to re-think and re-energize dating your partner. Zach has a date night coming up and Laura gives him some tips. They brainstorm some ideas for dates that don’t require a lot of time or money. Don’t forget about the 7 Principles Workshop March 3-4.

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Ep 255 – Healthy Relationship Myths

Laura is a bit under the weather. Zach isn’t so sure about K-Pop. They reflect a bit on valentines day past and present.   Laura brings up the topic of debunking myths about healthy relationships.   Sponsors: Protect your family today with Fabric by Gerber Life. Apply today in just 10 minutes at   Join Thrive Market today and…

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Ep 254 – Workshop with Zach and Laura

Zach is stretching it out. Laura is feeling REALLY good about her husband. They discuss their upcoming workshop and what it takes for couples to make progress (hint: the tools alone are not enough). Sponsor:Get $15 off your order at with promo code MTR Episode Transcript Note: Timecode may be offset depending on the…

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