Look… every couple struggles. You fight too much; you’re bored; sex is either okay (or rare); maybe you’re even considering divorce. OR… maybe your marriage is actually pretty good, but you want to go deeper. In this podcast, straight-talking marriage therapists Zach Brittle and Laura Heck tackle the most common complaints virtually every marriage experience. Along the way, they reveal the science behind strong relationships and talk about what’s really going on for couples. Topics include conflict, communication, compatibility, money, sex, in-laws, infidelity, time-management, future dreams, and more. If you want relief? A deeper connection? A new way forward…? Then you’ve got to find out what’s REALLY going on in your marriage. That’s what this podcast is about. You can learn more about Zach and Laura, and their alternatives to traditional therapy at forbetter.us.

ZACH BRITTLE is a couples therapist in Seattle, where he has been teaching and counseling couples for over a decade. He is a best-selling author of The Relationship Alphabet, and his writings and ideas have been featured in Real Simple, Verily, HuffPo, Men’s Health and the Washington Post. He has been happily married to his wife Rebecca for 19 out of 20 years. They have two daughters, a mini-van, and most of the silverware they got as wedding gifts.

LAURA HECK is a relationship expert, speaker, Certified Gottman Therapist and Master Trainer for The Gottman Seven Principles Program. Laura has been a featured speaker for Google Talks and serves as a media expert on relationships. She practices couples therapy in the states of Washington and Utah through video conferencing. Her charisma and wit set Laura apart on stage and in her work with couples. Laura lives in Salt Lake City and can be found exploring the outdoors, camping, hiking, golfing and snowboarding with her husband Ryan and their three year old son.

the vanity fair videos

ZACH & LAURA were asked by Vanity Fair to provide analysis of relationships found in media. Their reflections on these familiar couples give insights not only into the on screen dynamics, but also the joys and struggles we find in our own lives. 

Disney relationships

Movie Couples

Ross and rachel

Issa and Lawrence

Guardians of the galaxy


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