Ep 183 – Building Trust

Laura is taking into a shoe on an uncomfortably long girl’s weekend while looking for age-appropriate clothes. Zach is using all his human resources. 

They go on to discuss the 5 pillars of building trust in your relationship. 

Ep 182 – Working Through Conflict | with Jayson Gaddis

Zach and Laura interview Jayson Gaddis, founder of The Relationship School and author of Getting to Zero: How to Work Through Conflict in Your High-Stakes Relationships. The conversation provides some new frameworks to think about the way you approach conflict in your relationship. 

Ep 181 – Advance Skydiving Skills

Zach’s wife is a little concerned that his brain doesn’t work. He and Laura extend the skydiving conflict metaphor from episode 2 with some helpful insight into achieving intimacy. 
Join them live Oct 23-24 for The Gottman Institute’s Art and Science of Love.

Ep 180 – Strong-Willed Tiny Humans | with Danielle Bettmann

Zach and Laura are recording from the same house, but different rooms as they interview Danielle Bettmann. Danielle is a parenting coach for those of us with “strong-willed small humans”. She shares how she got into her work and some wonderful resources for anyone doing the difficult and important work of parenting.

You can find Danielle at Parenting Wholeheartedly

Ep 179 – Types of Couples

Laura is figuring out carpooling. Zach is taking a break from exercise. 

They discuss the different types of couples that come to therapy.

Ep 178 – A.R.E. you there for your partner?

Laura helps Zach reminisce about his favorite bar that closed down a few years ago. Laura is thrilled about her sex ed. 

Laura brings the topic of Emotionally Focused Therapy to discuss if you ARE there for your partner. 

Ep 177 – Agreements

Zach is seeing his social media from a whole new perspective. Laura completed an epic backpacking trip.   

They go on to discuss the importance of shared agreements in your marriage.   

Ep 176 – Mailbag

After kicking it off with a couple of dad jokes, Zach and Laura get right into some questions from listeners. 

Ep175 – David Wilcox

Zach and Laura have a wonderful interview with singer/songwriter David Wilcox. He shares what he has learned about life, love, and marriage through his journey of self-discovery and artistry. 

This is a different format from the usual MTR episode, and well worth a listen. 

Find Zach’s wife’s curated David Wilcox playlist on the MTR Instagram

Ep 174 – A Shared Story

Zach vows not to get Laura anything for her birthday, but he might end up getting her a chessboard. Operation “Blue Check” continues in earnest. To help out, be sure to follow @marriagetherapyradio
They discuss how to handle conflict when you can’t agree on what the story even is. 

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