Month: February 2024

Ep 309 – ADHD in Marriage with Melissa Orlov

Zach and Laura are both seeing ADHD be raised as a topic, if not an issue, in their practices. So they are delighted to get to sit down with Melissa Orlov to learn how to address its impact on a marriage. Melissa is a leading expert on the impacts of ADHD on marriage and relationships,…

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Ep 308 – Peel the Orange

Zach shares his impressive home improvement skills. Laura is grateful for a listener’s support. They discuss a recent TikTok trend that may have a greater impact on a relationship than many understand. Sponsor: Target the root cause of aging with OneSkin. Get 15% off by using code MTR at

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Ep 307 – The Ingredients of Love with Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh, PhD

Zach has an engaging conversation with Dr. Sara Nasserzadeh about her research and new book Love by Design. Laura is off this week. They discuss the 6 ingredients to build lasting love. You can learn more about Dr. Nasserzadeh’s work and order her book at  Sponsor: Stop wasting money on things you don’t use. Cancel your…

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Ep 306 – Marital Collusion

Zach is a bit annoyed with his auto dealer. Laura is downsizing her car to a much bigger vehicle. They go on to discuss the importance of positive collusion with your partner to better yourself and your relationship. They offer a number of personal examples as well as some tips and tricks to see growth…

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