Month: March 2023

Ep 261 – Behind the Curtain

Laura has a song stuck in her head and is super excited about an upcoming guest. Zach has some questions for Laura offering a glimpse behind the therapist curtain.  Check out the upcoming workshops at

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Ep 260 – Getting Good

Laura needs to process the damage her puppy did to Zach’s shoes. Zach has been hounding Laura to participate in a March Madness bracket.  Laura brings some concrete steps to getting good at pretty much anything. They discuss how these steps can improve your relationship.  Check out the upcoming workshops at  

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Ep 259 – Repair Attempts

Zach’s handyman has practically moved into his house. Laura had her, and her friend’s, car stolen. They go on to discuss failed attempts at repairing the relationship. Sponsor: Join Thrive Market today and get 30% off your first order, plus a FREE $60 gift! Go to 

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Ep 258 – Money Matters with Matt Kane

Zach and Laura chat with financial advisor Matt Kane about the importance of values, communication, and alignment as a couple navigates their financial lives. Sponsor: Get $15 off your order at with promo code MTR

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