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Ep 177 – Agreements

Zach is seeing his social media from a whole new perspective. Laura completed an epic backpacking trip.    They go on to discuss the importance of shared agreements in your marriage.   

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Ep 176 – Mailbag

After kicking it off with a couple of dad jokes, Zach and Laura get right into some questions from listeners. 

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Ep175 – David Wilcox

Zach and Laura have a wonderful interview with singer/songwriter David Wilcox. He shares what he has learned about life, love, and marriage through his journey of self-discovery and artistry.  This is a different format from the usual MTR episode, and well worth a listen.  Find Zach’s wife’s curated David Wilcox playlist on the MTR Instagram

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Ep 174 – A Shared Story

Zach vows not to get Laura anything for her birthday, but he might end up getting her a chessboard. Operation “Blue Check” continues in earnest. To help out, be sure to follow @marriagetherapyradioThey discuss how to handle conflict when you can’t agree on what the story even is. 

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Ep 173 – This Workshop Won’t Work

Zach is moving his schedule around so he can be at his kid’s soccer games. Laura is gearing up for her triathlon. They discuss the need for couples to do the work when seeking help for their relationship. They talk about the Art & Science of Love, a workshop based on over 40 years of...

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Ep 172 – Context > Content

Laura is jumping into her local fitness scene with both feet and possibly into sex therapy with both hands. Zach is exercising his social media skills. They go on to discuss the impact of words; what is said, how it’s said, and how it’s heard, on your relationship. 

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Ep 171 – Attraction to Coworker

Project “Blue Checkmark” is well underway. Laura just got back from a camping trip and Zach is thinking about watching a Netflix show that is sweeping the nation. They go on to discuss a listener question regarding their attraction to a coworker. 

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Ep 170 – Trust the Process

Laura is back in school. Zach is learning about how social media works. They discuss the process of therapy and the importance of being the author of your own story. 

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Ep 169 – How to Not Die Alone | with Logan Ury

Zach and Laura welcome Logan Ury to the podcast (for the second time, kind of) to share her data-driven insights into finding, growing, and keeping love. You will also get to hear what kind of museum she would open. 

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Ep 168 – Repair vs. Perfection

Zach is in sync with Chicago while in Charlotte. Laura is losing sleep thinking about her clients. In his jetlagged state, Zach shares how a mistake in a text message led to a great insight about repairing a rupture in your relationship. 

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