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Ep 218 – Rules of a Changing Game

Laura is juicing it up and packing up her van for a foreign trip. Zach is getting fired.  They discuss the importance of having a shared set of rules and boundaries in your relationship and how those rules have to change as the relationship changes. 

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Ep 217 – Commitment to Health

Zach and Laura on the health choices they are making for themselves which leads to a reflection from Zach on how partners can join and encourage one another on a health journey. 

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Ep 216 – Laura is the Best Partner Ever!

Zach and Laura debrief a recent conflict and how each of them handled it. 

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Ep 215 – Anxiously Attached with Jessica Baum

Zach and Laura sit down with psychotherapist and author Jessica Baum. They discuss her journey to becoming a mental health counselor and her new book Anxiously Attached. It’s a valuable discussion for both therapists and anyone in relationships. 

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Ep 214 – A Thousand Papercuts

Both Zach and Laura have been diving into some new books. Zach drops a dad joke. They go on to discuss the small breaches of trust that destroy relationships and what you can do about it. 

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Ep 213 – Partnering in Life and Money

Zach is flying solo this week. He sits down with Dan & Kay Ockey, Co-Founders of Centsei. They share what it took for them to get on the same financial page early in their marriage and what lead them to develop Centsei.   Learn more about Centsei at and if you sign up MTR gets a little...

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Ep 212 – Sexpectations

Laura is upping her mindfulness game. Zach is seeing how different clients draw out different aspects of himself which leads to a great conversation about which roles they each like playing as therapists.  Laura fields a listener question regarding sex drives and frequency.

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Ep 211 – Better Conversations

Laura is not looking forward to meeting and greeting. Zach shows off his auctioneering skills.    They go on to discuss some great tactics to get to better conversations in your relationship.

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Ep 210 – What You Want

Laura fell down the stairs and hurt her foot. Zach doesn’t want to talk about Will Smith. Or does he. Laura says “yes” to her husband but then immediately regrets it ,so she asks him for what she wants and needs. It leads to a great conversation about how to partner in what you each...

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Ep 209 – The Empty Nest / Mid-Life Episode

Laura is feeling a bit homesick for a place that is no longer her home because she longs to relax into the feeling of being known. Zach recounts, word for word, exactly how he would become best friends with Richard Sherman.    They go on to discuss the important and often difficult transition of mid-life...

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