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Ep 206 – State of the Union

Zach goes on a rant about Instagram that leads to some solid marriage advice. Laura is saying yes to some of her husband’s dreams. They talk about the importance of having intentional conversations about the state of your union.

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Ep 205 – Start with the End in Mind

Zach and Laura each return from vacations in Mexico with their families. They discuss their different approaches to these vacations and how knowing what you want on the outset helps set the stage for achieving what you desire. 

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Ep 204 – Marriage Helper with Kimberly Beam Holmes

Zach and Laura interview Kimberly Beam Holmes, CEO of Marriage Helper.  Find all the resources she mentioned at

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Ep 203 – Mail Bag

Laura’s pretty tired. Zach is tired of his daughter. They open up the mailbag to answer some listener questions. Zach would love your feedback on these quick 3 questions.

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Ep 202 The Divine Tedium of Marriage | with Heather Havrilesky

Zach and Laura have a wonderful conversation with Heather Havrilesky about her new book, Foreverland: On the Divine Tedium of Marriage.

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Ep 201 – February is the new January

Zach shows off his singing voice. Laura is relinquishing control as she plans a family getaway.  They go on to discuss a number of ways to reframe your approach and reaction to your partner for greater intimacy. 

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Ep 200 – Polyvagal Theory & Getting to 200

Laura is hoping to learn to swim this year. Zach brings back his dad jokes.  Laura brings the topic of Polyvaga Theory as a way to identify how we feel in a moment, giving us another tool to improve the way we relate to our partner.  Help us celebrate 200 episodes by giving us a rating...

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Ep 199 – Reconnecting with Steve & Lisa Call

Zach and Laura connect with Zach’s first clinical supervisor and his wife, Steve & Lisa Call. They discuss the Call’s unique approach to inviting couples into a reconnected intimacy through the means of their individual stories.  You can learn more about the Calls and their work at 

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Ep 198 – Consent

Zach’s hair is apparently looking good. Laura shows her lack of knowledge of the Marvel Universe. Zach is getting into meditation. They both share some insights they have recently received from clients.  They go on to discuss consent, but probably not in the way you are thinking. 

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Ep 197 – New Year’s Values and Practices

Laura had a hard Christmas. Zach is leaning into virtual reality. They discuss the fun new games they have been playing lately.    Zach shares how dying repeatedly in his new VR game has taught him some valuable tools for how to engage in conflict and relational failure. He and Laura then share some New...

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