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Ep 250 – Sexual Intimacy with Emily Nagoski Part 1

Zach and Laura welcome Emily Nagoski to the podcast. Emily shares some of her personal story of building relationships and gives us a sneak peek into her latest book on maintaining sexual intimacy for the long haul. Sponsor:Join Thrive Market today and get 30% off your first order, plus a FREE $60 gift! Go to...

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Ep 249 – Happy New Year from Marriage Therapy Radio

Zach and Laura discuss their words for 2023 and some of the things their clients find most helpful in therapy.  

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Ep 248 – End of the Year Mailbag

Laura is pitching a new cooking show. Zach is on his way home from Virginia.  In this final episode of the year, they answer some listener questions and look forward to 2023. Sponsors: Visit Fabric by Gerber Life at to apply for life insurance in 10 minutes. Visit Rocket Money at to find and...

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Ep 247 – Biblical Marriage with Dr. Jennifer Bird

Zach interviews Biblical scholar (and childhood friend) Dr. Jenffifer Bird about the notion of a “Biblical Marriage”.  Sponsor: Visit and get $10 OFF to preserve meaningful moments and memories in a beautiful keepsake book.

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Ep 246 – Taking a Break

Zach is sporting a hat that Laura does NOT love. Laura is putting together a pitch-black dinner. They reflect on their enneagram numbers and Laura is pumped about how she and her husband are using an Amazon Echo to connect and communicate. They go on to discuss one of Zach’s top 5 therapeutic interventions that...

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Ep 245 – Know Your Type with Ian Cron

Zach and Laura have a great conversation with Ian Cron about the impact that deeply knowing yourself and your partner can have on your relationship. Ian is an expert on the Enneagram and offers insight into the use of this tool to improve all of your relationships. 

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Ep 244 – The Marriage Puzzle with A.J. Jacobs

Zach is flying solo this week. He interviews author A.J. Jacobs, about his recent book The Puzzler

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Ep 243 – Spiritual Intimacy

Zach was confused by the lack of football. Laura likes the time change and had a bonkers half-marathon. They discuss hernias for a little too long but eventually transition to a great conversation about spiritual intimacy. They batt around sound ideas for developing this intimacy in your relationship in ways that aren’t necessarily tied to a specific religious...

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Ep 242 – Acrostic Toolbox

Zach and Laura talk about their old girlfriends and old dogs.  Zach brings a few acrostics that have been helpful in both his parenting and work with clients.  Sponsor: Visit Rocket Money at to find and cancel your unwanted subscriptions 

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Ep 241 – Transitions to/in Parenting with Beth Goss

After a last-minute meditation session, Zach and Laura interview parenting educator/coach Beth Goss. Sponsors:Visit and get 20% off + Free Shipping with code MTR20Visit to apply for life insurance in 10 minutes.

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