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Ep 243 – Spiritual Intimacy

Zach was confused by the lack of football. Laura likes the time change and had a bonkers half-marathon. They discuss hernias for a little too long but eventually transition to a great conversation about spiritual intimacy. They batt around sound ideas for developing this intimacy in your relationship in ways that aren’t necessarily tied to a specific religious...

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Ep 242 – Acrostic Toolbox

Zach and Laura talk about their old girlfriends and old dogs.  Zach brings a few acrostics that have been helpful in both his parenting and work with clients.  Sponsor: Visit Rocket Money at to find and cancel your unwanted subscriptions 

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Ep 241 – Transitions to/in Parenting with Beth Goss

After a last-minute meditation session, Zach and Laura interview parenting educator/coach Beth Goss. Sponsors:Visit and get 20% off + Free Shipping with code MTR20Visit to apply for life insurance in 10 minutes.

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Ep 240 – Empathy

Zach lost, but on a positive note, his shower wall is no longer adorned with dental floss. Laura also upped her oral hygiene game.  Zach ponders what we do when we don’t have all the information. It leads to a great discussion about empathy and understanding in your relationship. 

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Ep 239 – Sexperiment

Laura gives us some info on water conservation. Zach is anticipating the final week of fantasy football. They provide some significant free air time to a cookie company.  Zach brings a sex and intimacy exercise he learned at a conference by Tina Shermer Sellers 

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Ep 238 – Jungle Cats Need Love Too

Zach returns from Disneyland. Laura is continuing her training.  Laura brings the discussion of what to do with the need for connection when you are at the end of your rope.  Sponsors: Go to and use code mtr135 to get $135 off across five boxes—and your first box ships free! Visit to apply...

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Ep 237 – The Flip Side

Zach and Laura bring us in on a conflict they have right before recording this episode.  They go on to discuss a concept Zach is playing with regarding exploring the flip side of both the good and bad in the relationship and how it can lead to greater intimacy and connection.  Sponsor: Visit and get 20%...

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Ep 236 – How to Listen

Zach and Laura start off the episode with a free concert. Laura wants Jack Johnson to come to her son’s class to watch him perform in a bacon costume. They get a lot of feedback on whose oral hygiene habits are grossest.  Laura brings an exercise to work through with Zach that requires presenting and listening...

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Ep 235 – Press Pause

Zach has an interesting encounter with Kim Kardashian. Laura starts modeling for Gap. They discuss their oral hygiene which oddly leads them into a really great discussion of how to get what you want from your kids and your partner.  Sponsor: Visit and enter code MTR for 15% off products for pleasure, intimacy, and connection.

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Ep 234 – Catching Up

Laura needs some alone time after a trip to Hawaii to, potentially illegally, spread ashes. Zach completes a marathon – counseling session. His corn dish was not the hit of the Iron Chef party.  They spend some time catching up and sharing what they are learning about themselves and their clients.  Sponsors: Go to

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