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Ep 299 – All the Parts

Laura is all dressed up in holiday cheer. Zach is back from a different trip to Disneyland.  Zach reflects on some of what he heard at a recent therapist conference. It leads to a wonderful discussion of the different parts of ourselves that we bring to our relationships and how we can access those parts for the improvement of...

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Ep 298 – Can of Worms Part 2

Zach and Laura get to the topic they teased last episode. It is an exercise that couples can use to safely discuss the unspoken topics in their relationship. If done well, it will lead to greater intimacy, understanding, and maybe some makeup sex 🙂 Sponsor: Paired. Download the PAIRED app at

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Ep 297 – Can of Worms Part 1

Zach and Laura’s kid kind of sing a song together. Laura discusses toilet time with your partner, leading to a great discussion about different types of intimacy. She hoped to work out an exercise she’s been doing with her clients, but she and Zach got distracted. At the end of the episode, Laura shares an...

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Ep 296 – Holiday Hangover

Zach and Laura discuss the exhaustion and stress of the holidays and the relational struggles that can cause. Sponsors: Visit for a free 30-day trial of erotic audio stories Visit and use code 49MTR for a $1.49 per meal special

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Ep 295 – Sazan & Stevie Hendrix on their Real Good Life

Zach and Laura welcome Sazan and Stevie Hendrix; authors, influencers, parents, and a real couple, to discuss their new book and more. Be sure to check out the book and all they have to offer at  Sponsors: Visit for a free 30-day trial of erotic audio storiesConnect with your partner every day using Paired. Download the app...

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Ep 294 – Your New Hobby

Zach and Laura discuss hair length and how it works for each of them. They contemplate if there are any shared activities that they could enjoy doing together (besides podcasting). This leads to a conversation about how treating areas of your relationship that you want to improve like a hobby.  Sponsors: Visit for a free 30-day...

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Ep 293 – What It’s Like to Be Laura Heck

Today we break from our normal format to share an episode from Dan Heath’s new podcast What It’s Like To Be... Dan interviews Laura about what it’s like to be a couples therapist. It’s a chance to hear about Laura and her work from another perspective. We hope you enjoy it. Check out the other...

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Ep 292 – Real Couple, Real Struggles, Real Triumphs

Zach is flying solo this week and is joined by real-life couple Elizabeth and Steve Andrews. They share stories of what brought them together, the struggles they have overcome, and what keeps them going after over 30 years together. Sponsor:Connect with your partner every day using Paired. Download the app at

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Ep 291 – Infidelity & Recovery with Dr. Monique Thompson

Zach and Laura sit down to discuss infidelity and recovery with Dr. Monique Thompson. Dr. Thomson offers insight and practical tips for navigating this traumatic event in any relationship. Learn more about Dr. Thompson and her offerings at At the end of the episode, she shares the secret of her famous bundt cake.

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Ep 290 – Ireland

Laura is trying to solve a persistent eye twitch.  Zach shares about his recent trip to Ireland and what he learned about life and relationships in his travels. 

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